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The books are designed for learners of all levels, making language learning an enjoyable and immersive experience. Browse the books and explore a treasure trove of tales that will spark your imagination and help you master Portuguese.

Happy readers

A joy.

I don’t think I have ever written a review before, but I was so surprised at how cute and dumb funny this book in baby-level Portuguese was. Like, it didn’t need to be as good as it was, but here we are. It has running gags and made me legit lol at times… and nothing makes you feel you understand a language like understanding a joke. Also the end was… disturbing? Like, in a good way, but man, way to commit. You can really tell that the author was not phoning this in just to make a basic language textbook. She had fun. I had fun. Fun was had. A great balance between using simple Portuguese but creating something enjoyable for actual adults. Def getting the second one.

- Ayne Terceira

A unique, creative approach to learning European Portuguese

I’m someone whose brain works best when it’s engaged creatively, especially through story, and this book is everything I could have hoped for! I haven’t seen anything else like it in the learning European Portuguese space, and it is absolutely wonderful.

The story is compelling (and so much more fun to read than what we normally get as language learners!), I’m learning so much, and the book itself was a pleasant surprise. It really FEELS like a high-quality book in your hands, from the intricate cover design to the weight and texture of the pages. It’s a pleasure to hold in your hands.

I can’t wait for the next installment to come out!!!

-Jennifer A. Draut

Great way to learn European Portuguese.

I can’t wait to start on Storyglot’s next book. I’ve studied languages before and so I really appreciated this approach to learning created around storytelling. The grammar explanations were simple yet effective and the exercises reinforced the learning. Following a storyline to learn is much more engaging and holistic than chapters that dissect the language into silos.

- David Gold

Highly recommended! I am looking forward to more titles like this!

This book is great! I would consider myself a medium-to-advanced beginner, and this is perfect. Just enough repetition of new vocabulary but still compelling to keep me motivated. There’s a “How to Use This Book” section with helpful tips, then the whole story in just Portuguese, and then the story in Portuguese and English translation after each paragraph. And it’s got a glossary with tons of key vocabulary with examples of the word used in the text (also in both Portuguese and English). Also, so nice to be able to download the audio to listen along. All very professionally done.

-Doug Hodgson

A delightful story and a pleasant learning experience.

The Portuguese text has been well constructed and reinforces grammatical structures. The inclusion of interactive exercises adds real value to this learning aide. The exercises help not only with grammar but pronunciation as well. I am looking forward to more stories from this author.


Superb learning format

I’ve followed Susana’s work for a while and am excited about the very 1st storybook from Storyglot! This is a superb learning format specifically for European Portuguese and is offered at a reasonable price. 
The book is divided into easy digestible chapters and includes some ingenious suggestions on how to make best use of the content, whatever your learning goal is. I am looking forward to the next release!
-Pedré Louw - Johannesburg

Great story and learning tool

The story was really cute! It starts with the story in all Portuguese. It’s broken into very short “chapters” which I found easily digestible. The next section will have each in Portuguese followed by the English translation. Next up some comprehension questions. You can also download the audio of the book to hear it/read along!

It’s clear the author took a great deal of care to make a fantastic, engaging learning tool. I really hope to see more stories by her!